Kacaou started in 2017 as a commercial brand, but the cocoa plantation began in 2012 in Rio Dulce, Izabal, Guatemala. The family farm had a forced pause for more than 20 years, when our father was killed there. In 2010 we wanted a new beginning in a place that was once very special to us.  We were looking for a plantation that had a purpose and sustainability. This is how we decided to plant cocoa, a crop with origins in our country. Besides, our great-grandfather established the first candy factory in Guatemala which he made chocolates, so we thought it was in our roots. And that is how Kacaou Farms, Food of the Gods, was born.

We are small cacao producers from Guatemala and a startup company about cacao-based products. Kacaou products are 100% natural, free from artificial additives, colors, and preservatives. We believe in health-conscious quality food, whether for making chocolate or for other uses of cacao. 


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